One thing I have to constantly fight against is mediocrity – settling for 2nd best, settling for good when the BEST is what God really desires for each of us. So much of our modern society is content with a 'near enough is good enough' attitude or what is the MINIMUM requirement I need to pass this subject or complete the task at hand?

I believe it is time to get hungry again for a fresh touch from Him. Time to get child-like in our faith and expectations and to move away from what He’s going to do FOR us, to what He desires to do IN us and then THROUGH us to turn this world upside down for His glory.

I was reminded recently of a visitor we had to the Healing Rooms a while ago who said “Jesus paid too high a price for my healing for me to settle for anything less than my total healing. I’m putting you on notice that I’ll be back until my healing is complete.” What a FAITH statement! It reminds me of Mark 5:28 “If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.”

Jesus on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter, on His way to perform one miracle, has another one ‘stolen’ from Him. Mark 5:29 says, “IMMEDIATELY her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body she was freed from her suffering.”

Don’t you love the ‘immediatelys’ in the Bible? That moment when the power of heaven touches earth and things are changed for eternity.

Do you need a touch from God today? Are you tired of going through the motions? It’s just so easy to settle for second best – mediocrity, or having the form but not the power?

Luke 11:9 promises we receive the Holy Spirit when we ask for Him to come. Persistence & boldness in prayer – being specific, brings about the purposes of God in our lives. I believe the Holy Spirit should impact every facet of our lives. He must increase and we must decrease.

In the workplace, our relationships at home and outside the home, our finances, our health, our marriages, our businesses, our studies, our worship, our music, our choice of friends, EVERY aspect and facet of life should demonstrate the presence of God.

Let’s get back to dreaming BIG dreams – with God ALL things are possible – the things WE see as impossible are those in which He delights. The enormous mountains in our lives are mere specks from His viewpoint. Let’s get His perspective on life – His plans for us are perfect ‘to give us a future and a hope’ not a boring uninteresting life. Maybe you feel your life is dull and boring. Let me encourage you today - it doesn’t have to be! There’s nothing in your life God can’t turn around and use for His purposes.

Here’s a profound statement:- “nothing ever changes till it changes.” If we keep expecting our lives not to change then they won’t. With just one touch from the Father we can enter a whole new realm of experiencing His many promises for us!

My heart’s desire is for Christians everywhere to move from a “what’s in it for me?” approach to God, to a place of being lost in wonder, love and praise. We need to get back to being in awe of our wonderful Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and precious Holy Spirit. He is the One who guides & comforts us, brings us into all Truth and the One who unlocks the mysteries of the kingdom for us.

Let’s make God famous again wherever we go. The Bible says as we let our light shine, people will see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven. (Matt 5:16) So let’s actively promote the restoration of God, the Almighty, creator of the heavens and the earth to His rightful place – one of awe, respect, honour, power & majesty! Let’s be a part of bringing that to pass – exalting the One and only True God.

Many people who come to the Healing Rooms for physical conditions are getting far more than they bargained for! The power of God is touching people right where they’re at and healing the whole person – emotionally, spiritually and physically. Praise God!

Are you hungry, thirsty & desperate or satisfied with the way things are in your Christian life? Ask God today for just one touch – reach out and touch Him and see your life transformed by His awesome power.