Food assistance


We had a couple of guests come for some food assistance recently.  We explained to them the other thing we do here is pray for the sick or injured.  One of the guests mentioned he had a bad back.  So we suggested he could receive (healing) prayer for his back while the food hamper was being prepared.  He and his friend went into one of our rooms and emerged about 20 minutes later feeling wonderful.  His friend commented how great the experience was too.  The one who had had the bad back then picked up a large box of fruit vegetables and frozen meat without hesitation that had been prepared for him, placed it in the boot of his car and then commented how he had no pain in his back whatsoever!

A good day in the kingdom!

He returned a week later with another friend who also needed food assistance. He too was offered prayer which he gladly received.  He came out of the room commenting on how good the experience had been.  He was overwhelmed by the quantity of food he was given and was so incredibly grateful.

Another good day!