I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of Father’s Presence!  Once again, it was quite tangible – peaceful and restful as if I had not a care in the world.  I have no doubt He heard my cry and will respond as only He can – from the depth of His love for me.

 Jenny Gilby 18/6/19


I came for healing of post-operative deep abscesses that were too complicated to operate on.  After prayer I had moderate pain for a couple of weeks.  I wondered if this was God healing me as it hurts naturally for Drs to remove things in surgery, so why not for God too.  A month later I was hospitalised with bad pain in that area.  They did a CAT scan of the abscesses, thinking that was what it was, but could find NO TRACE OF ANY ABSCESSES at all!  They were gone and the pain was related to the bowel, but God healed the abscesses!

Donna Haddrick 18/6/19


In February I came to the Healing Rooms asking for prayer for my knee which I had injured in a fall onto a brick step.  My knee was very painful which made walking difficult. 

Praise God I can now walk easily without pain.  I value greatly the caring prayer support here at the Healing Rooms.




I came into the Healing Rooms because of a month old tail bone injury and frontal sinus pain that has been on and off the past few weeks (or months).

As I was getting prayed for, I felt the Holy Spirit’s healing power moving through my body from top to fingers and toes. I believe God has healed me and the Bible verses I received also strengthened my soul.

G.L. 10/5/19


I feel the warm, heavy presence of God.  My body feels warm and heavy.  I feel the Lord’s strength going through my body and peace.  I have been given a couple of images that I feel are from the Lord for me to hang onto.  The Lord as a roaring, powerful lion, with me, and His angels with me.  I have fresh assurance that my situation is in His hands.  I am able to “be still and know He is God”.

Emma 6/5/19


I received great encouragement through Bible verses and prayer that spoke into my specific challenges and circumstances.  I had a physical sensation of God hugging and holding me and working in my body.

 Complete healing may not yet be mine, but I have no doubt God is working within me and blessing me greatly through my visits to Capital Healing Rooms.

 Taryn 30/3/19