I received great encouragement through Bible verses and prayer that spoke into my specific challenges and circumstances.  I had a physical sensation of God hugging and holding me and working in my body.

 Complete healing may not yet be mine, but I have no doubt God is working within me and blessing me greatly through my visits to Capital Healing Rooms.

 Taryn 30/3/19


I came to the Healing Rooms today and received encouragement to keep fighting the good fight of faith, remembering the Father’s perfect character and ability to do anything. I was encouraged to never stop expecting Father God to answer my prayer and the prayers of my brothers and sisters.

I was loved. Thank you.

Cameron Heathwood.


Recently I went from having no back pain to having excruciating back pain, not able to bend or pick anything up and it was painful to walk and even to lie down. Turning over in bed caused much groaning and wincing. I woke up without any problem Sunday morning a few weeks ago and by that night I could hardly walk. It didn’t improve on Monday. By Tuesday it was only slightly improved, still painful and restrictive however being part of the Capital Healing Rooms team I was on roster and I went into the Rooms. Before we open the doors at Healing Rooms the team has an hour of worship, prayer and communion. As we were partaking of communion I sensed in my Spirit that my Healing was complete and that it was finished! Did I feel any different....NO! However I held onto this word and thanked Jesus for my healing. It wasn’t until the next day, Wednesday, as I was sitting on the lounge at home freedom came. One minute I was still in pain and the next minute being totally free - it was that quick! Praise God!!

When Jesus was on the cross and declared it is finished - it was. He can do no more for our healing - it is a complete work! Sometimes the manifestation of healing to our bodies can take time - when I sensed that my healing was done as I took communion, which is called ‘the meal that heals’ I held onto that and gave thanks. My healing came the next day and I have had no relapse after a few weeks. My back is stronger than ever! Thank you Jesus!!

Roslynne Ritchard 14/3/2019


The team prayed for so many people it was hard to keep up with the testimonies but here are just a few from one of the days in the villages...

A lady with cold and headache healed. A female with breathing difficulty and stomach pain healed as hand laid on shoulder. A lady with headache healed. A lady with painful swollen knees healed. 3 ladies with headaches healed. A man with knee and shoulder pain healed after he reported feeling coldness go through painful parts as we prayed.


Here are just a few testimonies from the recent Transformation Tour to Cambodia.

5 People were prayed for at the school in Kratie province (5.5 hrs north of Phnom Penh). 1. Man with painful knees and numbness in right leg. Healed. 2. Woman with painful knees and elbows healed. 3. Woman with painful stomach and wrist healed. 4. Woman with sciatica pain in right leg healed. 5. Woman with painful wrists healed. Prayed twice for each person before complete healing.


On the recent Transformation Tour to Cambodia, our team went out into various villages and communities to pray for the sick. Here is a testimony from one of those outings.

A lady we encountered had been medically diagnosed with HIV AIDS with pain all over. She felt like she had a large ball (tumour?) in her abdomen. After prayer she was pain free and no longer had the "ball" in her abdomen.


Here’s a testimony from our recent Transformation Tour to Cambodia. This came from a couple who attended the 2 day healing school we conducted at the beginning of the tour.

Our apartment building has a security man that we have seen every day for three months.  One of his legs is substantially shorter than the other and we’ve been wanting to pray for him for months!  He only speaks Khmer (Cambodian); is shy; and we were pretty confident that he would be very uncomfortable if we tried to pray for him.  Then we took a 2-day Healing Prayer workshop and our faith grew immensely as we heard accounts of physical healing. After practicing in the workshop, we were ready to pray for our doorman.  Our faith was overflowing!

Tom (my husband) asked the doorman in Khmer if we could pray for his leg and he said yes.  We prayed and his leg grew! Twice! We have never seen a miracle like this with our own eyes.  Our faith grew even more! We told him it was Preya Jesu, Jesus, who healed his leg. We were even more excited than he was!  We are absolutely in love with Our Savior who is restoring people to His design and bringing His kingdom to earth!

Tom & Cari Hall - Arizona USA.


I came to CHR for more prayer to exchange trash for treasure.  Whilst soaking in the soaking room I sensed I have received what I have requested.  While I was being prayed for to receive God’s love, I saw in my mind a bright light as the ‘pray-er’ spoke that Jesus is the Way, Truth and Light – He is the Light of the world.

 Amanda 3/12/18


I am on team at CHR and prayed last night on team at the ‘It’s Time’ Conference.  I’ve had pain in my left shoulder for a LONG time.  Last night at the conference the last prayer call I stood to receive my healing, but I then saw many team members also standing, so I decided to go and pray for others.

This morning whilst driving, I suddenly realized “hang on….there’s no pain in my shoulder!!!”  Normally I would wake up daily with the pain.

ALL GONE!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Julie Doran 10/11/18