How good is our God – the Great physician – who heals our wounds and restores our health! A few months ago an ultra sound suggested a disease of the kidney; and I was required by my medical practitioner to attend the Renal Clinic at the Canberra Hospital. But please note immediately my doctor spoke I told him, “No, Jesus has taken away all my diseases, and by His stripes I am healed.” A waiting time elapsed for a scheduled booking, and during this time in Jesus name I forbid any malfunction in my kidney (only believing God’s Word), and spoke that my kidney was performing a perfect work in my body. And the team at the Capital Healing Rooms prayed, believed and agreed with me the truth of God’s Word. Alleluia! Today, after a further examination the specialist declared; “All good news; there is nothing wrong with your kidneys.” Praise the Lord – believe only.