Just wanted to let you know that I brought my father to the healing rooms there in Canberra on the 5th August 2011.

He lives in Canberra, and was in stage 4 prostate cancer and at that stage had been given somewhere between 2 and 10 months to live.  He really appreciated being prayed for that day, and we continued to pray for him over August and September that year, both individually and with our church.

In October he began to notice that he was feeling much better.  He went back to the doctor who gave him some more blood tests, and called him the ‘miracle man walking’.  His PSA levels which were very high and continuing to rise had dropped to nothing, and the doctors declared him in full remission!!

Although he’s still struggling with some other health issues – the cancer is no longer a problem and he’s making the most of every day of life! Praise God!!

So thank you so much for your prayers and faith, and may God continue to move through your ministry there powerfully!

Huge blessings,
Peter Morton
Senior Pastor
The River Christian Church, Auckland, New Zealand