LUNGS | 1 Dec 2015

My friend Sue said that she put me on your prayer list.  In May this year I was diagnosed with Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis which can be a life threatening lung condition.  I was put on high doses of Steroids which helped me breathe, but only covered the symptoms to allow my lungs some time to heal.  It still didn’t look promising even up to a couple of months ago.  I have had severe side effects from the steroids and have been told this could last six months (after stopping the steroids – early November) and my Adrenal Glands (damaged from the steroids – causing chronic fatigue) will take at least eighteen months to heal.  I am writing to thank you for your prayers and would appreciate further ongoing prayer…………….

I thought I would give an update of my progress.  My last CT scan was clear and my Breathing Tests much improved!  My Specialist in Hamilton was surprised at the change and progress.  When I went to the Specialist at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne he said my lungs are ‘pristine’!   No signs of Ground Glass Changes or Fibrosis (I didn’t have Fibrosis but it would be the next development of the disease).   I feel this is a miracle!!  I am so thankful for this improvement and thank the Lord for it.  I am still struggling with extreme after effects of the medication and hoping God will heal these problems soon too.   Thank you for your wonderful ministry!