Fibroid 5 November 2009

To the Capital Healing rooms team, well it has been just over one week since my surgery and I am getting better.  I thank God that he brought healing to me.   From thinking that we might not be able to have kids to at least being able to try for kids is great, more than great!

It has been about 9 months since the pain and abnormal bleeding started and hopefully I won’t have that anymore.  When I first went to the specialist I was put on hormones to see if it would control the fibroid. After 3 months I started having severe pain and bleeding 24/7 again. I went back to the specialist who said that if the fibroid had grown that I would have to have it out and there was a high possibility of damaging the uterus, meaning that I probably couldn’t have my own kids.  We started to contact other surgeons to get another opinion.  It was at this point where I came back to the healing rooms.

I was sitting and praying with the prayer team in the healing rooms when my head started to get really heavy. I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was that I couldn’t lift my head. I tried to lift it but I could feel God’s hand on the back of head and him saying“stay.....”      That night I slept so well.

After further tests and no reduction in symptoms, the specialist said we should go in for exploratory surgery to see what’s happening. We were all praying that the by the time the specialist got there it would all be gone.  It was on the same day that I also got a phone call from a specialist in Sydney (referred on to from another specialist in Canberra) who said I should come to see her and book in for the operation.  We decided to go ahead with the exploratory surgery in Canberra to find out at least what the issue was and if it was easy to do, the specialist could fix it here.  It was found that I had endometriosis and that my fibroid was taking up most of my uterus and that it was attached to uterus wall between my fallopian tubes.  The specialist said Canberra did not have the right surgery tools to remove the fibroid here without potentially damaging the uterus and said I should go to Sydney.

It was then I went to Sydney. I saw the specialist on a Thursday, now 2 weeks a week ago and had the operation tentatively booked in for Friday. She has been away since she had last spoken to me and once she found out I had endometriosis she said that she would need another specialist to assist her and that she couldn’t do the operation on the Friday. However she could do it the following week.  I prayed....she then said, well actually let me see if I can fit you in today.  She rang the other specialist who was busy at the time and so she left a message.  I kept praying....they then had contacted the hospital to see if they had an available bed.  We got the phone call back to say they one of the other specialist patients had cancelled due to sickness and there was room for me. We found a bed and before I knew we were driving to the hospital.  Again another huge blessing!

So at 6:30pm October 22nd, I was on the operating table. Woke up around 10:00pm and was moved to my room. My husband had to work in Canberra on the Thursday so he got a bus that night, and was there to greet me with my mum after the surgery.  The specialist said it was a text book surgery for her and that it went really well. No one would even know that she had removed the fibroid from my uterus and that she had removed the endometriosis easily too. Even though it was extensive it was very superficial.

So the surgery went really well and I was recovering very well and could go home Friday night. We decided to stay one more night in hospital on recommendation from the specialist just because how tender it would be driving in the car back to Canberra. 

Again another blessing, as come Saturday morning I was not well. My husband and mum walked in to find me pale, vomiting, having trouble breathing and in pain. After thinking that I was possibly having a heart attack I was being tested for lots of things. After given some pain killers through my drip I was stabilised.  In the end they thought that I had reflux. I recovered and was able to go home on Sunday.

After tests this last week, my GP thinks that my medication after the operation for some reason made a spot on my liver right under my sternum which was why I had the pain. A liver specialist said at this point it would heal and that there was nothing to worry about. Another blessing!

At several points along the way I have been blessed on this trial. When put through this it is hard to stay focused on God and know that he has me in his hands. But over the journey God directed and showed me the way.  I think a really important lesson for me is to trust God with everything. I hope I remember this, but also the healing and blessing he has brought throughout this trial.

So thank you God, but also thank you to all the people who dedicated their time to praying for me.  The support and encouragement through prayers, verses, anointing in oil have helped me stay in tune with God.

A.C. 5/11/09