Gambling addiction 14 March 2011

God has set me free from a gambling addiction!

On Tuesday 22nd February, 2011 I went to Capital Healing rooms for prayer for Jesus Christ to free me from this addiction that I had for many years.  The team prayed for me.  8 days later, on a Monday morning at home I had a strong attack to go and play the poker machines and I struggled with the decision to go and gamble.  At once the Holy spirit spoke to me very loudly saying if you go and gamble you will be offending God.  It touched my heart and I said I was not going to gamble any more as I don’t want to offend God.  The struggle, the torment and the decision to gamble went away from me!!  THANK YOU JESUS – He has set me free!! Thank you to the prayer team who prayed for me.

H.M. 14/3/11