Serena's healing

I brought my 12 year old daughter Serena to the Healing Rooms for prayer a few times and also the Church I attend was intentionally in praying for her.   Serena had 2 parts of her hip that needed healing - her broken hip and the dead bone head to be alive again.  Serena's broken hip is now fully healed and the bone head is mostly all alive (70%) again and there was evidence of blood flowing to that which was medically 100% dead and now made alive by the healing power of God!!  At Easter this year, the Thursday before Good Friday,  when I was laying hands on and praying for Serena, I felt God saying that "this Easter just like Jesus was dead and then resurrected, Serena's bone head which was dead will also be resurrected to life again"  On the Friday morning in Church the Pastor  (in obedience to God's leading) felt to call Serena up to the front to get the elders of our church to come up and lay hands on her hip and pray for her hip.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that I really believe that day was a very significant day.  Alleluia!x1000000000000000000000000 

Thanks to our Lord almighty for this fantastic healing and the best thing is this timing is much earlier than what the Ortho surgeon was expecting. He was even saying just before looking at Serena's X-Ray (taken an hour before we saw him) that normally this treatment would take 12 maybe even 18 months (i think just to prepare Serena for any not so positive news?) Serena's only gone 6 months into this treatment and it seems to me like she's already (by God's miraculous healing power) already 70% there. The other 30% seems still needs lots of prayer and God's continuing miracle healing touch. What the doc was saying is that the dead bone may be 'eaten' away by our body's natural cells when it is dead.  

In summary, Doc's planning for Serena to start walking slowly by November and then weaning her off the wheelchair by putting her on crutches and more physio etc and she should be totally walking by herself without any aid by end of this year. Prayers answered!!!  Overall things are looking SO good and outlook is FANTASTIC!!! (Of course with God why wouldn’t it be good!!)

 All glory and Honour to Abba Father our Lord and Saviour!! THANK YOU Capital Healing Rooms for your faithful prayers and support to us at our time of need. We appreciate it very much!

Doreen 26/6/08

Part 2 UPDATE ON SERENA – 28/8/08

GREAT NEWS!!! Praise the Lord! Serena's hip is almost totally healed! A big improvement from 2 months ago and NO OP required at this stage. Doc is happy with her progress and didn't say anything about the bone marrow transplant. When I asked him about it he said he’ll wait for another 2 months to see if it's  needed, at this stage he doesn't think it's needed. He wants to see Serena and Xray again on 3 Nov.

AND........he's expecting Serena will be able to walk out off the hospital (with crutches) after the next appt!!!! Alleluia! He still wants her to still be in the wheelchair till end of year to keep her safer at school. Crutches only with strict supervision and safer environment. Still need to keep her from falling over or being knocked over - no extreme weight bearing still.

He still wants Serena to continue going up to Sydney for the infusion for another 7 months to continue to protect the new bones structure and still not much active activity allowed for next few months. We'll be increasing her hydro/pool physio in these next few months to prepare and build up her leg muscle and re-train her legs to walk again after a year of being in wheelchair.

THANKS again for all your prayer support!!!                                   Doreen 28/8/08


We are so thankful to God for His amazing healing and His perfect timing. Thank you and the Healing Rooms for your faithful fervent prayer cover during Serena's healing journey. We have felt it all the time and God's strength kept us afloat. Her hip is almost completely healed and we give thanks to God for the bit to go but she's medically strong enough to put weight on it. She's limited to just gentle walking at this stage. 

You may recall there was that bit about 30% that didn't have any bone growth and how the surgeon did the operation to try and speed things up with bone marrow transfer but couldn't get to the bone head when he open her hip up.  He only removed the pin and decided not to proceed with the marrow transfer as it was too risky but to just leave it and hope for it to grow naturally. We felt at peace with that decision and I know in my heart that God is going to complete the healing in His time. I said to the surgeon at the hospital that we will continue to pray for a miracle and indeed God's done a miracle and almost 90% has now grown! We will continue to claim a 100% complete healing for Serena.

Serena is now walking and rejoicing and praising God! (yet to leap, but will soon).

Doreen 30/1/09

Final testimony - Praise God.

We went up to Sydney Children's hospital for Serena’s 2nd year anniversary check-up mid Oct 09. Many tests and x-rays were taken - we were there the whole day. All showing very positive results and both specialists (orthopaedic and endocrine) were very happy with the results. All the levels were good and the bonehead (resurrected bone head) was very solid and ROUND. That was what they were hoping to see and they were very pleased with her healing. The Orthopaedic Specialist said to Serena that after 2 years of her bonehead being round, there should be no medical reason why it won't stay that way. That was the best news we were waiting for! Praise the Lord! The reason why I was so excited was that the Drs were concerned that the bonehead may collapse when she bears weight on it and started to walk and told us at that time of that risk. God is bigger than any risk!!! He's overcome them already!

The Dr. wants Serena to go back for a final MRI to double check the bonehead in January 2010. After that, she'll just go back and see them annually.

It's been a difficult but great journey for us all with God paving the way all along and to have the amazing prayer support from all our friends especially those at the Capital Healing Rooms.

So Serena is now not only walking and praising God but is able to walk AND LEAP and praise God! She's totally medically free to do anything she wants!!

Doreen October 09