Testimony Archive 2009

Here is some fantastic news about the healing of both of my nephew’s (Will) hips - Praise God and Hallelujah!

Will had Perthes disease in both hips, which is unusual to start with, and he had lost 50% of the bonehead of both femurs. He had been banned from all physical activity for the most part of this year.

Will had scans in late October, to determine whether he would be having total hip replacements in both hips. The scans showed 100% healing of the bones in both hips and amazingly this is called the "healing phase" of the illness. But even the Dr was amazed that this had happened so quickly and so completely. That's because we know why. Praise God for his healing hand. The Dr stated that once the body goes into the "healing phase" of this disease, then it shouldn't affect Will as severely again and he doesn't want to see him for 1 year. He is now allowed to do whatever activity he cares to do!

The Dr congratulated the parents for their diligence in keeping him free from activity, and my brother and sister-in-law are ecstatic with the news, and accept it was part of the process of the illness.

I know this display of God's goodness and awesome healing hand, will not return empty, but will be used for His glory.

Cathy Nov 09


My left hip had been painful whenever I did any form of exercise (e.g. walking, jogging, playing tennis) and I’d had this pain for about 8 weeks.  I had been to a physiotherapist and a soft tissue therapist but the pain had continued, despite doing stretching exercises each day.  This prevented me from doing any exercise.

On Monday 25th May, the Lord spoke to me as soon as I woke, saying that I should go to the Healing Rooms for some prayer that night.  So I did, and ever since then I’ve had NO pain and been able to get back to walking, tennis and jogging.  The Lord healed me!  Praise Him!!

Judy Thompson June 2009


I came to the Healing Rooms with pain in my right breast and asked for prayer. (I had been to both my doctor and a naturopath who both suggested I needed an ultrasound). After prayer and much freedom and laughter in the room where I was prayed for, I went away with great confidence that my breast would be healed.

Praise God when I went for the ultrasound there was nothing abnormal there and when I went back to the naturopath her machine showed no abnormality which had shown on the previous results!  She said these words; “Your breast is healed!”

I praise God for His healing gift and His Presence in the Healing Rooms. I am so thankful!



I came along to help at one of the Capital Healing Rooms training sessions (approximately 8-10 months ago), but was having trouble with a prolapse.  I was having difficulty sitting during the sessions so found it more comfortable to lie down in the prayer room during the session times.

There was a word of knowledge to pray for anyone with a prolapse.  (I hadn’t told the person this was my difficulty.)

The Lord healed me during that day!  Praise His Name!