Testimony Archive 2006

Over several years I have suffered a painful neck and right arm, due to calcification of my vertebrae.

On Sunday 27/08/06 a member from Capital Healing Rooms, visiting my Church – Southcoast Christian Centre - prayed over me.  Upon leaving the church I felt an extraordinary sensation. The pain in my neck and right arm had gone and I could move both with little restriction.  GOD IS GOOD!!  Upon giving thanks and glory to God, I felt a sensation of peace and joy which is still with me today.

It is now some 3 weeks since God healed me.  There is now still some residual but minor pain.  But I do have full and unrestricted movement of my neck and arm.  I continue to give God the praise and the glory for my healing.

Gordon Pryor20/09/06

I had to go to hospital on Monday 5th June 2006.  I had very high temperatures and couldn’t walk because the virus had attacked my joints.  The hospital doctors thought I had pneumonia but weren’t sure until the blood tests came back in 2 weeks so I had to take antibiotics just in case.

I was off school for the whole week and felt a bit better with the temperatures, but I still couldn’t walk.  I had to crawl everywhere.  On Friday, 9th June, my Mum took me to the Healing Rooms.  She had to drive me to the top doors because I couldn’t walk up the stairs.  I crawled in.  The team prayed for me and put oil on my head.  After the prayers I was told to stand up – I was wobbly but took some steps.  I still had pain, but they encouraged me to keep walking and as I did the pain was going.  My legs were a bit stiff but I walked out of there and down the stairs.  I was SO EXCITED that I called my Dad from the car park and went to school to show all my friends I could walk and that I was healed. 

When the blood tests came back the Dr. said with the type of pneumonia I had I could’ve been in intensive care, but he was told that I got healed at the Healing Rooms by Jesus and he was excited and took some Healing Rooms cards. 

Thank you God!!



Lachlan Curran (11 years old) 31/8/06



I was truly touched by the Lord at the Women’s Conference 4 - 5th August 2006.  I was released in the Joy of the Lord like never before and my body was healed of physical pain.  My back often hurts after sitting for a long period, but this time I have had no pain at all and my back felt like new on Sunday morning.

Anna -10/08/06


I had chronic knee pain and was thinking I needed an operation.  I had prayer here at the Healing Rooms and they recovered 50%.  I was down in Canberra (from Cairns) 6 months later and had more prayer.  They are now totally better!  Before this I could hardly walk and was in much pain.  Now…….NO PAIN!

Matt Ransom 8/9/06


Ever since I can remember I have had freezing cold hands and feet and Canberra winter has been a challenge for me (here permanently since 1973). 

Last year I discovered I was healed of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome but still experienced this unusual coldness in my extremities so I prayed and asked the Lord about it.  He reminded me that I had been diagnosed by a doctor many years before and had Raynaud’s Disease. 

As a member of the Capital Healing Rooms Prayer Team I began to notice in the latter part of last winter that I was not reacting to the cold as previously.  This winter has seen a remarkable change as my hands quickly warm during the day.  I have only worn my overcoat several times and no heater on in my bedroom overnight even when sub zero temperatures.  For the past few weeks I have only had my autumn doona on my bed. 

I want to give the LORD JESUS praise and all the glory for this wonderful healing!!

Margaret 1/9/06


I went to the Healing Rooms in Canberra in Jan ’06.  On entering the prayer room I was asked if I liked strawberries (the team had received prior to me entering the room a picture of strawberries from the Lord).  My answer was ‘no’, but my dad really likes them.  Then I remembered that over the last few months I had tried strawberry milkshakes and ice-cream.  Before my dad was a Christian he had done things and I promised myself I’d never be like him.  The team also got from the Holy Spirit the need to pray for me regarding the “Father Heart of God”.  It kind of made sense so we went with it.  My dad and I are now organising reconciliation meetings to happen here at the church I attend with the leadership at my dad’s request.  Praise God!

Alli - 25/8/06


I had pain in my left shoulder blade which would ache when I laid on my back.  It was a stabbing pain and would wake me up at night.

After prayer at the Healing Rooms, the PAIN HAS GONE!!

Thank you Jesus!

Judy Chambers 29/8/06


For approximately 10 years(+) I had suffered from intense pain in both my shoulders and upper arms.  This pain was debilitating to the point that I could not raise my arms above my head for more than a few moments.

On Saturday 15th July 2006 during a training session for “Healing Rooms” I went to the front as part of a ‘demonstration’ at the training – it was asked if someone was in pain would they come and have prayer for healing.

Being in pain I was only too willing to be the ‘subject’ of prayer – also safe in the knowledge that I had told God that morning that I really needed healing.

As I was prayed for the pain VANISHED and I felt a wonderful presence of God’s Holy Ghost.  I thank God for this healing which is as sure today as it was the day I was prayed for!

Philip Morton 04/08/06


Two weeks before visiting the Healing Rooms I developed a very bad stomach complaint, constipation and a sharp stabbing pain.  There was “relief” with medication after 2 days, however, immediately I developed pain in the neck and shoulder and chest.  Over the next week it moved from around left side and ended up residing in the right shoulder and neck making the area weak and a real problem.

Through friends and church I had heard about the Healing Rooms but this was my first chance to go.  The team brought words to me and prayed over me.  When they had finished the pain was still there until I lifted my arm and I felt it rise up and leave me and there hasn’t been pain since.  Praise the Lord!!

I have had a couple of little twinges, but whenever I invoked the Lord’s name and His promise of answered prayer and healing the twinges went away!

May 2006


At the Healing Conference on Saturday night, 1st April, I received prayer for release of back pain and fibromyalgia. I found myself on my hands and knees forgiving my ex-husband very specifically. As each memory surfaced I was aware of God removing the effects from me. Then, as the person praying for me took authority over fibro myalgia I felt something lift off my body.

I was aware of a heaviness and slight physical pain around my heart. The lady praying for me took authority over grief. There was a little snap inside of me and immediate relief.

That night I was very uncomfortable. All night my legs and feet kept cramping and I ached from head to toe. I felt as if I had a bad dose of the flu, a sinus headache and nausea. However over the next two days the symptoms gradually subsided.

Five days later I went to the specialist. He was very surprised that I didn’t react when he pressed the points on my body that had been very sore.

Four weeks later, I can say that my healing is continuing. It has been gradual but progressive. My energy levels are returning and each day I am getting stronger physically. And the healing to my emotions is very real.

Rosemary 1/5/06


On Friday night, 31/3/06, at the Healing Conference, a Healing Team member (and a friend of mine) laid her hand on my back.  My back felt warm and as she prayed I knew there had been a significant strengthening of my back.  Thank you God!!

Also, last week I found my Mother had been healed of lymphoma – Praise God!  My Mum’s name had been on the Intercessor’s board at the Healing Rooms for 3 months.  I know God heard the prayers.  I will be telling Mum about this and pray she comes to know the Lord soon.



On Thursday, 30th March at the staff meeting with Bob Brasset at the Healing Rooms, Bob asked “who wanted to be healed”.  No one moved so I hopped up and took out my hearing aids.  He asked about my history of deafness – I had swum in a public pool when I was about 7yrs old and got an infection in my ears.  I was deaf for 3 months, but my mother kept on praying and I got my hearing back, though impaired.

Bob put his fingers in my ears and prayed for the spirit of deafness to come out.  The pain was excruciating!   BUT it came out and now I can HEAR CLEARLY.  I have no need for my hearing aids anymore!  PRAISE GOD – He is SOOOO GOOD!!

Nan Yates 2/4/06


My right knee had degenerated to the extent of needing a replacement in the very near future.  The pain this caused was sometimes excruciating, especially when walking up or down stairs, driving the car or standing for any length of time.

I have had prayer in my Church fellowship, but after the prayer on Friday 31st March, at the Healing Conference, my knee gave no more pain.  I jumped and ran that evening for the first time in many months.  I slept peacefully all night without medication.  I believe I had been taught to accept my healing and I received it in the Name of Jesus!

Denise Shaw 1/4/06


I have suffered most of my life with poor self esteem, also fears relating to being punished for “doing the wrong thing”.  I also have carried over the past several years wounds and scars from people who have said I “must”, “should” or “ought” to do, and I could not do what was required so I felt guilty and ashamed.

On 2nd April I was prayed for and as I received prayer I felt all this “junk” that I had been carrying and was weighing me down lift off me.  Now I feel so light and joyful – Praise the Lord!

Judith 7/4/06


In early August my friend had her gall bladder removed.  Unfortunately she did not begin to feel better, and in fact, had to be admitted to hospital with severe pain and a high temperature.  She was then diagnosed with liver cancer – a particularly rare type which could not be operated on.  Many people were praying for her and I came to the Healing Rooms to ask them to pray for her she was fearful, despite knowing the presence of the Lord.  She had many scans and tests which were sent to the liver unit at Prince Alfred hospital in Sydney. 

Then God began to change things around.  She was told that the specialist could operate to remove three quarters of the liver which would give her about one to two years (instead of two to three months)   There was a danger of post operative bleeding which could be fatal.  Our prayers increased for her protection from infection and bleeding, for the skill of the surgeons and the nursing staff.  One prayer was that the surgeons would say whilst operating that what they saw was not what they expected.  (I assumed this meant that the tumour was smaller or more easily removed)  On the day of the operation I was at the Healing Rooms at about the time of the operation and we prayed very strongly for my friend.  God showed us my friend lying in an ordinary hospital bed, rather than an intensive care bed.  My first news of the operation was that only one eighth of the liver had been removed, and that she had no other complications.  Four days after the operation I received the amazing news that when the surgeon had come to see her, he said, ‘I have two words for you – NO CANCER!!!’  He was amazed because he was convinced that the tumour had every sign of being a malignant cancer.  Praise God!  He changed my friend’s life around from having inoperable liver cancer with a few months left to live to having NO CANCER AT ALL!  My friend held onto the prayer that God could change her situation.  It is so wonderful that God can answer our prayers with MORE than we could ask or imagine.  We continue to pray for complete recovery from surgery and her return to a fruitful and happy life with us.   

May I extend a heart felt “Thank You” to the team for the reality of the Healing Rooms.  Before my last visit I was really struggling, this time with physical illness that had no supposed cause according to doctors.  The team that prayed with me sensed a deep oppressive fear of going forward and of being useful again in the Kingdom.  I had prayed for revelation before coming, for many weeks.  I’d sought the Lord in every way I knew how but my efforts were fruitless it seemed.  After coming to the Healing Rooms I knew something had changed.  I didn’t feel on top of the world but I knew Jesus had done something.  It must have been a deep work because I sobbed in my mother’s arms when I got home from work – that in itself is a breakthrough!

Over the next couple of days the heaviness I had felt for months was gone and I had a renewed passion for the new thing the Lord was leading me into, whereas before I procrastinated and made excuses, even feeling intimidated about pursuing something new.  

When I opened the parcel the Healing Rooms sent to me today, I again felt the compassion & love and sensitivity that I feel when I’m at the Healing Rooms, it just poured out over me.

Jenny 24/3/06


I want to acknowledge the healing I received in answer to prayer just before my husband & I left on our overseas holiday. We were going on a walk across England – a distance of 307kms, and also a walk in Spain.  A week before we left, I suffered from a shin splint.  SO I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer with one of the teams.

My time consisted of a confession time but also a wonderful time of being ministered to & prayed for by a lovely group of ladies.  After that I was aware of less pain in my leg.  My husband and I headed on our journey and I held onto the belief that my healing had been accomplished and that I would be completely able to do all the walking as planned.

That is exactly what happened!  I didn’t have a hint of trouble with my shin all the time I walked in England or in Spain and not only was this an amazing testimony to the Healing power of God, but it also encouraged me to ask for prayer and to believe I would be healed of a threatening throat infection.  The next day NO SORE THROAT!!!  (We were blessed to have one of your healing team members walking with us in Spain, and this member also prayed for a good night’s sleep for me so effectively that I slept through a night of barking dogs which kept others awake!! )

We really were able to see the Lord’s hand on us as others prayed & along the way I have been able to share my testimony with others. Thank you all so much for your compassion & obedience in carrying out the work the lord has given you.

December 2005

_______________________________________________________________________________For some years I was not able to fully tolerate dairy products as a result of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The Lord healed me of the CFS but I still was unable to enjoy dairy products.

At a healing service during February a large number of people were asked to place their hands on the parts of their body that needed healing.  I felt quite strongly what I was to pray for and to receive the healing that Jesus had died for me to have.  I then thanked Him for what He had done for me. 

As an act of faith I knew I had to drink cows milk and eat some cheese.  Praise the Lord I have been able to enjoy dairy products since and will continue to do so.  Thank you Jesus for all you are and have done.  You are the Great Physician!!

Dianne 3/3/06


I had the icy cold feeling of anxiety when I heard that I had an invasive malignant melanoma.  It was said that it could have formed because of  grief stress with the sudden death of my husband, coupled with 10 years of immunosuppressant treatment for another illness.  However, I did have God’s promise of care and love, so I went to the Healing Rooms. 

The prayer team prayed for the site of the cancer, the lymph glands, my immune system, my mind and my teenage children.  I then felt God’s Peace which stayed with me during surgery and the following weeks until the histology and biopsy tests were available.  During that time I noticed that my normal springtime allergies were gone and I felt my immune system was ‘in balance’.

Praise to our Lord, the test results indicated that all traces of the malignant cancer had been removed and did not spread into my lymph system!

D.W. 20/12/05