Testimony Archive 2008

20th August, 2004, which is 4 years ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I suffered soft tissue damage in my neck, shoulders and upper back.

In the following couple of months I developed a stiff neck and shoulders, accompanied by severe headaches.  These escalated in frequency from once a week to having three to four a week.

My husband and I always prayed about each of these as they came; some of which were healed.  I ended up at the Capital Healing Rooms seeking healing.  I experienced a wonderful sense of anointing of my head during this time of prayer.  In the following ten days I realised the headaches had dramatically decreased.  I attended a healing seminar about four weeks later where the symptoms of all my injuries were totally healed.

Praise the Lord, He is merciful and I forget not all His benefits.

Bridget Burgess 18/11/08


When I was 10 weeks pregnant, the ultrasound showed up an abnormality.  The medical professionals were predicting that our baby would have anyone of a number of syndromes and started talking about the possibility of terminating.  We were never open to that possibility and instead we asked those around us to pray for our baby.  This included a visit to the Healing Rooms. 

After our baby was born she was diagnosed with Beckwith-Wiederman Syndrome.  The abnormality was corrected surgically, but she did not need any cuts or stitches.  After a month in NICU, she came home. 

Of all the syndromes predicted, this one was the one with the best outcomes and further genetic tests have shown that she has a form of it that is unlikely to be passed on or repeated.  She has a fairly mild form of it and will grow out of all the other effects.  Compared to other babies who have the same syndrome, she is doing incredibly well, not needing more invasive interventions due to other possible complications.

We continue to trust her to God’s hands and have already seen God use our experience to bless people whose paths we have crossed.

Praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness.

Jessica 7/11/08


A testimony of many thanks and struggles suggest that my only hope is God.  Years of alcohol abuse, my life was starting to go down fast, drinking until I dropped.  I humiliated family (particularly) and friends with drunkenness and disgrace.  I was involved in serious car accidents, D.U.I., committed fraud, with no concept of an addiction.  The guilt was so obvious, I kept quiet having no rebuttal or excuse.  No A.A. or hospital could help. 

Secondly, I was going through massive court cases, one after the other, re-offended D.U.I. charges and accidents.  My readings were so high that jail became most likely.  The Court had sent notices from the Correctional Services to sight and the course of action was jail without doubt.  I walked past a Church, went in and prayed.  With compassion the Judge convicted me with a very light charge and I was free to go.  Following this another 7 month Court hearing for fraud – I had taken a very substantial amount from the Gov. to buy alcohol.  The dept. became very angry, called a meeting to impose a burden or claim for repayment of the dept. with interest.

I CALLED OUT HELP!!!  Again jail was the course of action given for this type of offence.

I CALLED ON GOD through prayer and support of others through the Healing Rooms.  After 7 months of continuous Court appearances for fraud, the 2 Gov. depts. started fighting against one another.  In addition the CHARGES WERE DROPPED!!  Today I am paying back the money, but walk free.

It’s been 10 months since my last drink and I now hold down a job.  I AM VERY THANKFUL TO THE LORD!!  

Michael 15/9/08


On Wednesday 6/8/08 I was having a painting job done at my home and after the painter had gone I realised that the furniture needed to be put back in its place.

Each item was heavy, even with the bookcase emptied of its books.  Thursday at a ladies meeting they prayed for me as I was incredibly stiff in my back and tops of both legs and in considerable pain.  It was even painful to sit.

Initially I improved but after a sleep overnight woke to be almost as stiff as the day before.  As I was on the team at the Healing Rooms on the Friday I asked for prayer and now can testify that ALL STIFFNESS and PAIN in my body has COMPLETELY GONE!  THANK YOU LORD and ALL PRAISE TO HIM!

MC 15/8/08

P.S.  I was able to play 3 sets of tennis on the Saturday without any restriction, stiffness or pain!!!!


For the last 3 years I have been experiencing great tiredness so much so that whenever I have undertaken even a small chore, like the weekly washing, I have had to sit down and rest.  Often this rest period led to 2 or 3 hours sleep.  In more recent times, I have experienced drowsiness when driving, and on two occasions actually went to sleep momentarily – but the Lord awakened me just as the car began to veer to the side of the road.  By sleeping during the day meant that I had trouble sleeping at night.  By being awake much of the night meant that I was tired during the day and so it went on, and on and on.  I consulted my MD who diagnosed potential sleep apnoea.  Last Friday (6th Aug) I awakened exhausted.  It was with great effort that I drove to Fyshwick.  I felt overcome with weariness and this was 10.30am!  So in faith, holding onto God’s promise to heal me – His words to me of many years before – and the hope in His faithfulness I visited the Healing Rooms.  Prayer was offered for healing of this ailment and related issues.

Saturday morning I arose refreshed after a good night’s sleep & shopped, did the washing, worked in the garden, dined, read and watched TV then to bed – a ‘big’ day by the last 3 year’s standards.  I awoke Sunday morning without any weariness!  I AM HEALED!  PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS MERCY & HIS LOVE!

Robert M.  8/08/04


On Tuesday 27/5/08 I attended the Healing Rooms Team training evening.  I had woken that morning with extreme pain in both wrists.  I’d taken several lots of pain medicines but there was no relief.  So painful were they that I felt concerned about driving to Fyshwick for the meeting.  However, I still went because I love the sense of the presence of the Lord in the Healing Rooms and thought it a good place to be.

Whilst we were watching the ‘miracles’ on the 8 min. DVD I cried out to the Lord for a miracle in my wrists.  As I left to go home I was pain free in my right wrist and by the time I woke the next morning I was pain free in the left.  I remain pain free still.

I thank the Lord for His healing miracle with praise in my heart.

Joy 30/5/08


I am on team.  I felt that we should be pressing into God more for limbs to grow out to their correct length.  The Lord said to me, ‘What about your short leg?’ It was injured in a road accident 34 years ago and my foot is now suffering with pain on weight bearing.  I felt the Lord say to me that I needed to press in for lengthening of my own leg so that I could have authority to pray for others in this regard.  The team who prayed for me did not see my very different prayer request on the form. They waited on the Lord asking Him what he wanted to do.  God kept speaking to them about ‘walking in the way’ and ‘giving balance’ and ‘bringing things into balance’ and ‘I’m going to do a new thing. Be expectant.’  When they prayed I felt the power of God. I still feel it now.  The leg bone grew part of the way as they prayed.  I believe that the bone will continue to grow until it is the same length as the other leg.  The pain in my foot was bad this morning when I walked from the car.  Now when I tested it there is now pain at all!  Thank you, God.                                          Jill 2/5/08


I am overdue for a hip replacement operation for my right hip.  I also have osteoporosis which has caused curvature of my spine.  This puts extensive strain on the two main muscles at the back of the neck that hold the head upright resulting in considerable pain on the back of my head in the area of these two muscles.  Since May 2006, I have had monthly physiotherapy on the right hip and also on the neck muscles to help alleviate this pain which typically can start and continue for two weeks or more.

On the evening of 11th February 2008 I had healing prayer for my right hip.  Approximately twenty five minutes later I realised that the considerable pain that I had experienced up the back of my head for the past two weeks HAD GONE.  This pain has not returned.  Praise God and a big “thank you” to the team who prayed for me.

Don Cocks 28/3/08


I attended the Healing Rooms Training in February 2008.  Whilst at the training I was part of a ‘demonstration’ on the process of praying for the sick.  In December 2007 I had a fall and injured my wrist, fingers and thumb and was in pain and still had swelling around my wrist.

After prayer, the swelling and pain have gone from my wrist, as has the bruising to my finger.  The tenderness in the thumb area is still there but I am believing that will also move on!    PRAISE GOD!

E.G. 25/2/08


In May 2007 I went for a stress test for my heart and was unable to complete the test because of chest pains. It was suggested that I should have a different, more revealing test, a stress echocardiogram, so that the cause of the chest pains could be discovered. (I was given medication to keep my heart from being stressed.)  The next 4 months were very stressful with my daughter & husband both seriously ill and requiring surgery.  Throughout this time I attended the Healing Rooms asking for prayer for myself and for them.  (Twice I had to postpone my stress test.)

Amazingly the words that were given to me from the prayer team were more powerful than medicine.  Each time I went for prayer I was met by Jesus. Each time, often in a different way, once even while in the waiting room, I was touched by His Spirit.

When the day finally arrived for the stress test, I was quite unwell with a viral infection but I had been to the Healing Rooms for prayer just the day before asking that God would take care of me during the test, that the result would be clear!  The 2 ladies who prayed both received the same word from the Lord for me:

“Rely on me.  Trust in me.  Don’t be anxious about anything.”  Phil 4:6(Anxiety had been my constant companion most of my life for several reasons and this Scripture had also been given to me on a previous visit. One of the prayer team said that she had heard the word so loudly that it was as if God had a megaphone and He was shouting to me).  We all laughed!  They prayed specifically that there would be no blockages in any arteries or my heart.  So the next morning, in spite of feeling unwell, I went for the test.  It was incredible how peaceful I felt.  I pushed myself hard, normally something I wouldn’t have done, trusting God all the time, trusting in the healing presence of Jesus as I had never done before.  It was a new experience for me.

As the cardiologist proceeded with the test (which uses an ultrasound to discover any blockages in the arteries) she proclaimed that there was nothing that she could see at all – that everything was normal!

The following day I visited my GP who found that my blood pressure was normal and it was in fact the BEST it had been in the last 5 years.

I praise God for this healing touch in my life, for removing from me anxiety about my heart and for the incredible works of healing that He does through the team of available intercessors in the Healing Rooms.