Testimony Archive 2007

I came to the Healing Rooms on Tuesday and received some great answers to prayer.

I wanted someone whom I knew to pray for me, and I met one of the people who prayed for me before.  I arrived later than I planned, but the Healing Rooms were open for 2 hours longer than I thought, so I received prayer that day (I didn’t even pray for this one).  I felt understood without having to explain myself – the prayer team heard from God and didn’t need details.

I have been partially healed of my asthma – I was taking extra medication twice a day, and I was going to ask the doctor to increase the dose.  But since Tuesday I have used it twice in three days – and only then when I got anxious, worked too hard, and lost sight of God.

I have started the process of leaving bad influences and memories of the past behind – this was a message that the prayer team had for me.  I spent Wednesday morning praying about bad patterns in my family, and many memories fell into place so I could pray specifically.  I felt much healthier and closer to God afterwards.

Tim 20/04/07


I struggle with claustrophobia and a fear of flying, however still fly if the need arises, even though I have had some traumatic experiences doing it.  In late March I had to fly to Perth so had prayer before I went.  Those praying asked for peace, bound claustrophobia and prayed that my son who was flying with me would notice a difference. I was a little nervous going over but so much better than usual that he commented. Coming home I was totally relaxed – a shock to him as well as me. I was able to say “…well maybe prayer works after all!!”

Robyn Baker 01/06/2007


In February 2007 I contracted a urinary tract infection.  Part of the treatment process involved a CT scan and the taking of several blood samples.

The CT scan revealed that my prostate was enlarged and one of the blood tests revealed the PSA reading as 16.4.  For another medical condition I received regular hormone replacement therapy and so a higher than normal PSA reading for a man of my age (64) might be expected, but 16.4 was most unexpected.  There was some concern that there may be cancer.  With this news an appointment with an urologist was made. 

In the meantime I made my way to Capital Healing Rooms for prayer.  The prayer offered was that the prostate and the PSA reading would return to the normal size and level for a man of my age receiving HRT.  It was my regular prayer, however, leading up to the specialist appointment that the Lord would return the prostate size and PSA level to that of a man of my age who is NOT receiving HRT.

A further set of blood tests was ordered by my GP for my appointment with the urologist.  The urologist was nonplussed when he compared the original CT scan and PSA reading with the latest PSA reading and his “in rooms” examination of the prostate.  He declared there was no point in taking a biopsy of the prostate as it was the NORMAL SIZE FOR A MAN OF MY AGE and as for the PSA reading, it was MIRACULOUSLY 1.8!!

Notwithstanding these surprising results, the urologist arranged for me to undergo a surgical procedure wherein he would examine my urinary tract to see if he could determine the cause of the original infection.  He found no reason for the infection declaring all within perfectly healthy!

So it is that I make this testimony to the glory of God and thank Him for His ever ready helping hand and loving response to the prayer.

Robert McDonald 11/09/07


I came to the healing rooms on Monday, July 25 with pain in my belly, in my back, and unable to sleep flat in my bed due to a gallbladder full of stones.

Upon arriving I filled out a form and waited for the team to pray. When I went into the room for prayer some one had seen a vision of my gallstones being exploded and the three of them knew I was to be healed.

It took about five minutes of prayer and I felt nothing but I had come for a healing and that’s exactly what I got. All the way home I thanked God for my healing and prayed in the spirit. The next day I had eaten something with fat in it and had pain only in my back not in my belly.

In getting encouragement from another person, she said, “don’t let the enemy rob you – continue to claim your healing,” which I did. Now I have no pain and can sleep flat without worry of being attacked by pain in my belly and back.

Thank you Jesus!!                    Renee Jefferson-Taite       6th July 2007


There have been times when my head and shoulders have been so stressed, so in a state of “I want to get out of here” that I was pretty concerned. I found that after the healing a lot more peace had relaxed and am grateful.

Peter  22/04/07


After a visit to a medical practitioner, and tests, I was told my KIDNEYS had “shut down”.  I refused to accept man’s words and immediately said, “by the stripes of Jesus I am healed and have health, healing and wholeness in the Name of Jesus”. 

My CK was 1207, but over a period of a few months – I went to the healing rooms during this time, and the only medicine being the Word of God - my CK became normal, now 107.  Each day I spoke to my body (especially my kidneys) and told them to function in the perfection that God created them to function.  I reminded my body daily that it was the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus had set it free from the law of sin and death.  Praise God for His Word and His healing love.                                                                               Peggy O’Malley 31/8/07


I asked for prayer at the Healing Rooms for a healing of oral thrush which had persisted and worsened over two weeks.  One of the team felt the thrush would disappear as I spoke out.  I sensed this referred to the next Monday when I was asked to give the eulogy at my friend’s funeral.  I spoke out about his faith in the love and faithfulness of God, a faith he had shared with me when I needed it most.  The next day I was back on my bike, the pain gone in my mouth, my strength restored!   Praise God!

Patrick 9/3/07


A few months ago I came in for prayer for very deep shoulder pain to the point it restricted me taking off jumpers and sweat-tops.  The pain was excruciating and ran deep into my body (right side).  Cause unknown (maybe over exercise).  After prayer that night I noticed over the next few days that the pain had diminished with the absence of pain when changing pull-overs.  Within a week the pain had COMPLETELY GONE and I thank God for His healing upon me (something I’m not accustomed to).  I know this is God’s healing as normally this type of injury requires physiotherapy which I was more than happy to dump this time around!

Miles 11/12/06


I had prayer at the Healing Rooms about 3 weeks ago for a very good result when I was to have a bowel examination on the 22/3/07.

The result was good – free of disease!  Praise the Lord!  Some minor problems only remain.  I give thanks that this too will be healed!

Martin 23/3/07


On route to my brother’s for Christmas, Dec. 2005 I felt a very painful lump on my lower gum.  Pain killers eased the pain over Christmas/New Year and it subsided.  However it resurfaced in April, 2006 and the dentist X-Rayed the area and got my G.P. to prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection so he could do root canal therapy on that tooth.  After 3 successive trips to the dentist he was able to complete ½ the tooth but the other ½ of the tooth was too sensitive to treat and to come back in 6 months.

Prior to going back to the dentist last Monday I asked for prayer at the Healing Rooms and 2 of the ladies had identical witness that he (the dentist) wouldn’t find anything wrong with the tooth and that was exactly what happened.

Also, the apprehension that had built up about this 5th visit for the same tooth and growing expense ($600) was replaced by HIS INCREDIBLE PEACE!  THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR AWESOME HEALING!


M.C. 9/3/07

I had muscle tissue damage to my neck and I couldn’t move it.  When a team member prayed for me I was able to move my neck and I have had no problems ever since.

Harry 13/8/07


In September 2006 I was designated a date for major surgery (3rd hip replacement).  Following this I became full of fear – couldn’t sleep – kept dwelling on what post-op complications could occur etc, etc.  (Trained nurse 35 years)  The Holy Spirit moved me to attend the Healing Rooms at Fyshwick for prayer.

I received prayer and was anointed with oil in the name of Jesus.  The fear vanished within 15 minutes!  I couldn’t get to the hospital quickly enough.  My healing was miraculous.  I was walking normally in 5 weeks post-op!  Usually crutches are required for 9 – 10 weeks.

Praise Jesus!

Dawn Gray 20/04/07


Some weeks ago I came out to the Healing Rooms for prayer.  I had over a period of time been feeling stressed.  This was getting me down in a way that I wasn’t able to concentrate.  It was really worrying me.  On arrival at the Healing Rooms I felt to ask for prayer for something else other than fear.  I was trying to think of something that didn’t seem to be as bad as fear or stress.

I went into the room with the people who prayed and I told them my problem was FEAR and that I was stressed.  The people prayed for me and I felt that God was there.  It seems that He was moving me into other things to do.  Time will tell.  All I know is that the Lord has done something in me, and I feel different!  I was so glad that I asked for the prayer I needed rather than the prayer I was tempted to say.

Colleen 28/8/07


Just before Christmas 2006 I suddenly developed a very painful left knee.  X-rays were taken which showed I had mild osteoarthritis.  After several more weeks of pain I asked my Dr. to refer me for an MRI.  The results revealed that I had severe cartilage damage, a tear in my meniscus cartilage and a Baker’s Cyst behind the knee.  A planned trip to China for one month in May of this year was close to being cancelled because I had difficulty with walking.  Then, I heard about the Healing Rooms.  I came for prayer on a Monday night, but the pain seemed to get worse, so back I came the next day.  By Wednesday the pain had lessened though I still walked with a limp.  Several more prayer sessions and my walking is almost normal. 

I praise the Lord for the healing He has done thus far and will continue to have prayer until my healing is complete!  God works in His Way and in His time!!

Beverley Ragless 23/3/07



I went away to work on a cruise ship as a dancer.  I came in to the Healing Rooms just before I went away and asked for healing for my right knee, that had two knee reconstructions, and for growing strength in my Christian faith in a particularly hard area (ie. the ship).  My knee was great, I had very little pain and my faith and strength in God grew.

I danced 10 shows a week and danced for God.

Thanks God – You are amazing…

and thank you to the Healing Rooms for their prayers.