Testimony Archive 2010

I just want to express my gratitude to the lovely ladies who prayed for me several weeks ago.  I was experiencing some extreme and worrisome hair loss at the time, and it had been occurring for several months prior.  During prayer, the team discerned that the problem was linked to a generational curse in my family line.  They were spot on because baldness has effected the women on one side of my family for generations, some to the point of having no hair left at all.  This problem is so devastating to the feminine condition of women in particular, and has caused so much damage to the self-esteem of women in my family.

I felt after prayer something had shifted in the spirit and I went home expecting to see results.  While my hair continued to fall out as usual, there was slightly less hair being lost and a week later I noticed a few new feathery hairs growing.  I continued to claim God’s healing.  In the weeks to follow I went to see a specialist who examined my condition and though my existing hair had become quite sparse in comparison, they found no sign of hereditary hair loss.  I believe the generational curse was broken!  I can expect all of my lost hair to grow back over the next several months.

Praise God that he cares for every hair on our head!  And thanks again for the kind hearts of those who pray at the Healing Rooms.



I had been coming to the Healing Rooms for some time for prayer for a physical disability from a serious illness I had when I was two years old. At the time of the illness I spent eleven months in hospital and, in the wisdom of the 1950s, my parents were only allowed to see me for a couple of hours once a week.  For the two year old it meant rejection, and my mother bore the brunt of the damaged relationship that resulted.  By age twelve I had come to recognise that my mother hadn’t rejected me, but the fear of rejection and the damaged relationship remained. Since my early twenties, God has done much to heal this inner woundedness. There remained, however, a sense of apartness from my mother and a sense of loss for the healthier mother/daughter relationship that had been taken from me, from us.

In May 2006, during a prayer session for physical healing at the Healing Rooms, God gave one of the prayer team a scripture, part of which was: “I will restore the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). It spoke to me of my relationship with my mother. I believed God could do this, could somehow fully restore my relationship with my mother, but I wondered what it would ‘look like’ as my mother died when I was nineteen [thirty-five years before the prayer session]. It took a while to be able to put words what happened as a result of the prayer that day. Nearly four years later, I can say it has been neither a fleeting thing nor wishful thinking.

Where before there was a sense of apartness, in my heart my mother and I now stand together. Where the illness and hospitalisation had left me with a deep sense of “me versus the rest”, my mother and I are now on the same side, side by side.  While in my head I know the facts of our fractured relationship, in my heart, spirit and emotions it is as if it never was. What was taken from us has been restored. It feels like we always had a good and wholesome relationship in the years until her death. My mind is in awe of the new reality of our relationship, and there is peace in that part of my heart. This restoration is a marvel to me, and I thank God for the precious thing He has done.

DF 11/3/2010


Thank you to all those at the Healing Rooms who prayed for my grand niece Melissa.  She had experienced psychotic episodes which necessitated her withdrawal from her final semester of study.  I saw her on Christmas Day at our family gathering and she was bright and sparkly and back to her normal self.  For her 21st birthday in October I sent her a journal with Jeremiah 29 verse 11 on the cover – a reminder to her that God has plans to prosper her and give her hope for the future.

She will resume her final studies Semester One to graduate in her film making course.

I personally Praise the Lord for her wonderful recovery.

Margaret Cowan 31/1/2010


My husband’s heart’s desire was to return to Spain this year to complete the 550 km walk that we began in 2005 on the Camino De Santiago.

He wanted me to accompany him on this walk but I was concerned about my physical ability to do this. I decided to come to the Healing Rooms for prayer.  The physical conditions that I asked for healing included, my knees which had been giving me trouble and my heart for strengthening of it and for the Lord to improve my immunity to infections and keep me well so I wouldn’t be a burden!!!

I also asked for prayer for boldness that I would be able to witness and share my faith with others on the way. This is a walk that many thousands of people do each year to draw close to God! Yes I was able to share my faith and point people to Jesus.

On the flight to London from Hong Kong en route to Spain I became very ill, either from food poisoning or an allergic reaction to something I ate. I remembered the word I received at the Healing Rooms that the Lord would be with me and I was able to trust that He was there healing me so I wasn’t at all anxious.  The reaction passed and I was totally well by the time we landed at Heathrow.

For the remainder of the 10 weeks I was in wonderful health. Not only did I climb the Pyrenees carrying my 7kg pack but I climbed many other hills and descended steep and rocky slopes, in heatwave conditions (at the beginning).  I had a few minor complaints, i.e. heat rash, sore shins, however when I needed a rest after walking 12kms there appeared a taxi to take me the last 8kms of the day to reach the destination.  God certainly knew what I needed.  Thank you God.

D.C. Dec 2009