Nervous Breakdown | April 5

I have tried all my life to be good and failed many times.  About four months ago after quite a few difficulties and about 14 nervous breakdowns I felt different.  I feel different.  I know now that God loves me unconditionally and every moment of every day.  I am aware that it is nothing I have done but He has come to me and made a different and new me. 

He is continually teaching me and so often I am slow to see the lesson but His love and His arms are continually about me.

We had a profound learning experience at our church recently and there was a question, “What do you really want to do?”  My answer was, “Pray continually”.

God is answering that and showing me that He knows best.  I continue to pray for those who need His help and am so grateful for the love of Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Spirit and the loving and caring way I have been treated by those at the Healing Rooms.