Back healed

Three weeks ago on a Sunday I bent down to pick up something small from the floor at home. As I bent down I felt something shift in my lower back. There was no pain so I did not bother about it. Next day I started feeling pain and by evening my movements became restricted because of the internal pain. By Tuesday morning I had difficulty walking. I went to Healing Rooms as a team member because I have committed to do so and I was not totally immobile. On Wednesday morning, I could not get out of bed due to the lower back pain.

My wife and I decided to see a chiropractor. After the x-ray and physical tests, the chiropractor said I had an inflamed spinal cord in the lower back because it was being squeezed by the lower vertebrae. He thought it was the result of the hours of sitting at the computer and believed it would take at least six weeks to heal.

That Saturday, I went to Healing Rooms and all the team members laid hands on me and prayed for my healing. During the prayer I felt heat in my back from my neck down and sensed the pain decrease. I was able to move more freely.

The following Tuesday team members prayed for me again and all pain went. I went to see the chiropractor that Friday and told him the pain was gone. I could tell by his face that he did not believe a word I had said. He put me through physical tests and then exclaimed, “This is magic!” I could tell that he still did not except what had happened to me. He said the exercises he had told me to do and the limited walks around the neighbourhood must have helped a lot. I quit going to the chiropractor. The Lord is not only financially cheaper with his ‘treatment’ but he has also filled me with his joy.

I praise God for the mighty works He does through Capital Healing Rooms and the faithful team of believers He works through.


J.M. 18/07/16