Bladder Cancer Healed

I was first diagnosed as having cancer in the bladder (“carcinoma in situ”) in March 2014.  Chemotherapy in the bladder – a 3 hour procedure in hospital – was initiated, and biopsies taken each three months – a total of over 50 procedures up to December 2017. 

In January 2016 a second Oncologist had concluded that the chemotherapy which had been used over the two years was not working any more.  With no other option for conventional treatment (surgery was ruled out because of age) he decided to see whether a chemotherapy designed for other conditions would deal with the residue of cancer cells.  Following six weeks of treatment a further biopsy in March 2016 showed NO cancer.  Biopsies in June and September 2016 and January 2017 have all been clear.  A further biopsy is scheduled for May 2017 and less frequently thereafter.

I believe I have been healed and thank God for this outcome.  I also wish to thank the Lord for the ministry of the Healing Rooms and the Church fellowships in their intercessions and prayer support to me through this difficult time.

Geoff Mannall 24/2/17