Cancer gone!

Praise the precious name of Jesus!  I came on a Saturday morning to the Healing Rooms for prayer feeling unwell, exhausted and lacking strength. I had undergone 5 blood transfusions, chemo and major surgery.  I had been diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and had been hospitalised for the first 3 weeks during the chemo.  My blood sugar level was going from 7 to approximate 28 each week and I had received palliative care. 

The team prayed for me for supernatural strength and peace and I woke up the next day refreshed and having much more energy and went to Church praising the Lord!

The Lord Jesus also did a major miracle when I was in my room at the hospital in the ward for people with high levels of cancer.  I was told I had an extremely high level of cancer (between 300-400) and with everyone praying the cancer levels kept coming down until it was only 12.  The Lord supernaturally removed the cancer before I had surgery.  I was in acute care and I felt like a supernatural rug was wrapped around me and I had oil appear on my chest – nobody was with me.  I still had a hysterectomy but there was NO cancer!  The medical staff from the Sydney hospital rang my Canberra specialist and asked “did this lady really have cancer?”!!  The specialist replied “yes advanced ovarian cancer!”   Today I am cancer free and no more chemo!!

Rose 12/11/16

P.S.  Update…..the cancer level reading showed it had gone down to “10”!