Praise God in the highest. May the angels sing with me, for my great and powerful God has healed me from Post-Traumatic stress disorder. 

Many thanks to my Christian psychologist who helped me break through the lies and deception I learned in the midst of severe child abuse. I now see myself as a child of a loving, patient and gentle father, who gave his only son to die for me and all mankind.

Many thanks to the prayer warriors at the Capital Healing Rooms for their patience and love as they prayed with me. God in his wisdom chose to heal me over four sessions. After each session, he gave me time to adjust to the physical changes before going on to the next step. In the first session, God healed my nervous system. I learned what it was like to feel calm. In the second session, he repaired the weak link between my conscious and subconscious. I can now hear my inner voice clearly and calm myself in times of stress. In the third session, I felt the central structure of my brain change. I learned what it was like to feel strong. In the final session, I felt changes in the midline and outer areas of my brain. Since then, I have experienced feelings of great joy and a peace beyond all understanding. My loving God has healed me. He has replaced my PTSD with peace, joy and strength.

All praise, glory and honor to God my father in heaven, for he has restored my soul. Psalm 23:3

God Bless you all

Joy 06/03/18