Thank you so much for your prayers for my family.

My husband’s healing of his Achilles was truly miraculous.  The specialist was talking about surgery and the length of time it would take to heal.  At first it seemed we could have gone through the 3-month process of wearing the moon boot then if this didn’t work he would still require surgery.  I must say I was pretty down about it all.

A week and half after asking Healing Rooms team to pray the turnaround in his recovery was miraculous.  He had commenced seeing a physio as well as the specialist.  When he went back to the specialist, he could not believe the improvement in the Achilles.  My heart was lifted as I knew the Lord had done this.

We also found out that Michael had sick pay (we were not aware of this) so the financial situation I feared was alleviated.

Michael is now 95% well, he is living and working and his Achilles is nearly completed healed.  Praise God!

Tina 21/10/18