Recently I went from having no back pain to having excruciating back pain, not able to bend or pick anything up and it was painful to walk and even to lie down. Turning over in bed caused much groaning and wincing. I woke up without any problem Sunday morning a few weeks ago and by that night I could hardly walk. It didn’t improve on Monday. By Tuesday it was only slightly improved, still painful and restrictive however being part of the Capital Healing Rooms team I was on roster and I went into the Rooms. Before we open the doors at Healing Rooms the team has an hour of worship, prayer and communion. As we were partaking of communion I sensed in my Spirit that my Healing was complete and that it was finished! Did I feel any different....NO! However I held onto this word and thanked Jesus for my healing. It wasn’t until the next day, Wednesday, as I was sitting on the lounge at home freedom came. One minute I was still in pain and the next minute being totally free - it was that quick! Praise God!!

When Jesus was on the cross and declared it is finished - it was. He can do no more for our healing - it is a complete work! Sometimes the manifestation of healing to our bodies can take time - when I sensed that my healing was done as I took communion, which is called ‘the meal that heals’ I held onto that and gave thanks. My healing came the next day and I have had no relapse after a few weeks. My back is stronger than ever! Thank you Jesus!!

Roslynne Ritchard 14/3/2019