I recently attended the “It’s Time” Healing Conference. Approximately 5 years ago I was healed of partial deafness when I went to Healing Rooms for prayer.  I was healed and no longer needed hearing aids.  After my journey through cancer and chemotherapy, I was affected again with hearing loss.  My hearing continued to lose capacity.  I began wearing hearing aids again. 

At the ‘It’s Time’ conference, the speaker had a ministry time for deaf ears to be opened.  As I was being ministered to by a healing rooms member I felt my ears burning.  The difference in what I could hear was huge!  I also stood in faith against a generational curse of being 5th generation of a family who was affected by deafness. 

I gave my hearing aids to the speaker and said I wouldn’t need these anymore.  I was told I had great faith!  It is all glory to the Lord!  Jesus my healer!!

Rose Beard 26/11/18