I was at the Healing Rooms last week and had prayer for my impending visit to the Dentist.  The previous week I went to the Dentist as I had lost a very large filling and as I was lying in the chair, I had a panic attack and ended up not having the work that was needed to repair my tooth.  So I was booked in again for a week later (last week).   I find just the thought of going to my dentist can stir up fear in me. 

As the team was praying I felt this overwhelming peace come upon me.  Two things in particular the team prayed was I would be embraced by the peace of heaven during the procedure and that I would be able to breathe easily through my nose.  Unbeknown to the team, this is always an issue when at the dentist.  They also broke off any generational issues with dental work (which was spot on!) and I was feeling very positive about my next visit.  I ended up having 1hr and 20 minutes in the chair (as I need a crown) and I’m here to testify that all went smoothly and I didn’t panic at any time.  I could also breathe very freely through my nose – PTL!  I experienced a wonderful sense of calmness and confidence.  I’m actually looking forward to finishing the work on this tooth in a couple of weeks.   Thank you Jesus!! 

Roslynne Ritchard 13/9/19