I want to thank the people who serve the Lord at the Capital Healing Rooms for their faithfulness and love.

I had injured my knee on a jungle walk and now with a little too much activity I again had a painful knee and associated muscles. This had flared up again - as the physio said it is a fine balance between strengthening and overloading.  I felt the Lord prompting me to go to the Healing Rooms. During the prayer time, I was given Malachi 4:2 - such a promise and another gave me a picture of the muscles unraveling. The warmth of His Presence certainly brought freedom from pain and a new flexibility as they prayed for me.

 As I drove away I felt overwhelmed with thankfulness. Over the next few days there are times when there is brief pain and it is certainly sensitive but I know He will bring complete healing. Each time the pain comes I thank the Lord for His healing and the pain fades.

I know as I leave for Israel that His presence is with me protecting and healing me. Praise the Lord!

Mary 16/10/18