Here’s a testimony from our recent Transformation Tour to Cambodia. This came from a couple who attended the 2 day healing school we conducted at the beginning of the tour.

Our apartment building has a security man that we have seen every day for three months.  One of his legs is substantially shorter than the other and we’ve been wanting to pray for him for months!  He only speaks Khmer (Cambodian); is shy; and we were pretty confident that he would be very uncomfortable if we tried to pray for him.  Then we took a 2-day Healing Prayer workshop and our faith grew immensely as we heard accounts of physical healing. After practicing in the workshop, we were ready to pray for our doorman.  Our faith was overflowing!

Tom (my husband) asked the doorman in Khmer if we could pray for his leg and he said yes.  We prayed and his leg grew! Twice! We have never seen a miracle like this with our own eyes.  Our faith grew even more! We told him it was Preya Jesu, Jesus, who healed his leg. We were even more excited than he was!  We are absolutely in love with Our Savior who is restoring people to His design and bringing His kingdom to earth!

Tom & Cari Hall - Arizona USA.