Progressive healing of Achilles tendon

I injured my left Achilles Tendon mid-September from playing too much tennis. I could barely walk after waking one morning two days after a strenuous Monday night competition tennis match. By the Thursday I went to see my doctor who described it as the most inflamed Achilles’ tendon he had ever seen - he has been my G.P. for 30+ years!

On his advice, a week later I had an ultrasound during which a cortisone injection was administered to my inflamed Achilles. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but within 24 hours the pain had lessened by 65%, which was remarkable to me and much appreciated. However, over the following week I continued to experience pain and restriction in my left heel area.

Naturally I was keen to resume my tennis and running regime. One morning, a week after the injection, as I was praying the Holy Spirit dropped into my thoughts the need to go for prayer to the Capital Healing Rooms. Despite having received prayer at church and a conference in Sydney, I went as directed. After the time of prayer I left with the faith to receive healing, encouraged after an anointed time of prayer with the three prayer team members who had graciously prayed for me. Praise the Lord that within 24 hours the remaining 35% of pain had disappeared completely. This has remained the case and I give praise and thanks for the Lord Jesus placing His healing hand on my Achilles tendon in response to going to the Healing Rooms for prayer.

I have resumed running and playing tennis without restriction or pain. It is as if nothing had happened. Doctors can be helpful and in this instance, so too the touch of God!

Peter Thompson