CATARACTS | 5 Feb 2014

Prior to my 2 cataract surgeries on 4/4/13 and 23/5/13 I asked for prayer at CHR.  The Lord answered “abundantly more than I could ask or think” Ephesians 3:20.

At the appointment one month after the cataract was removed from the left eye the Dr. said “you can go straight to ACT Govt Shopfront and have your driver’s licence changed to “without glasses” then go to the optometrist and get your prescription sunglasses changed to plain lens.”

One month after the 2nd cataract was removed the ophthalmologist tested my eyes and found I had 20/20 vision and would no longer need to wear glasses.  Only magnified reading glasses were needed, obtainable at the newsagent for $19.95.

Having worn bifocals and then multi-focals for many years the change was revolutionary.  I marvelled at the colours on the TV and the captions I could read clearly.  Prior to surgery these were just a blur if viewed without my glasses.

On 3/2/14 I had my annual check with the optometrist for glaucoma and macular degeneration as well as normal vision and on all counts he pronounced my vision was near perfect for someone of my age.  A MIRACLE!!  God’s Word rang true…..abundantly more than I could ask or think!!”