I had been feeling nauseous and run down on and off for a while (at least 12 months) plus eating was causing me some problems as there were times where it didn’t seem to matter what I ate, I was nauseous.

In August 2011, I went to see the doctor who sent me off for an ultra sound which I had on the 22nd August 2011.  The result was “two gallstones, the largest measuring 20mm and attached to the wall of the gallbladder”.  The Dr. said I would have to have an operation to remove the gallbladder and booked me in at the hospital for this procedure.

On August 26th I went to the Healing Rooms.  As I was being prayed for I felt something inside me drop and afterwards I noticed that I didn’t feel nauseous anymore.  I went back to the doctor and requested another ultrasound as I knew God had healed me and I didn’t want to have the operation.

On 12th September I had the 2nd ultrasound and the report read “the 20mm gallstone previously seen on ultrasound of the 22nd August is NO LONGER PRESENT”.

PRAISE GOD!!  I’m healed and I don’t have to have the operation as there are NO STONES in my gallbladder!!