HEART HEALED | 20 Jun 2014

My brother is a tour bus driver near retirement age and living alone in Melbourne. After a particular tour taking some unwell overseas visitors to the Great Ocean Road, he became infected by a nasty virus which attacked his heart so that his pulse was racing up to 180 beats per minute. He was sweating profusely and had a terrible cough. He phoned my sister, a nurse, who came over and took him straight to hospital. There he was taken to ICU and was treated by the top cardiologists who gave him intravenous antibiotics which helped. However the pulse rate was still higher than normal.  They thought they may have to intervene and shock the heart with medical procedures.

After I heard this I rang the Healing Rooms and was assured that the team would pray immediately! Obviously the prayers of righteous men and women were heard and the requests were met.  Within 3 days my brother was able to go home from hospital with a slower heart rate!  I thank God for the answer my brother received and he said himself that the prayers must have helped! Thank you Heavenly Father. Praise You Lord Jesus!

He needed 2 more weeks of rest and recovery before returning to work but what was also amazing was that his relationship, with me even though we live in different States, was also healed. This was a time for him to know that I cared about him and he saw me differently. He valued the prayer support. He began to speak to me in a new way, and I feel that I have regained a brother who was “lost” to me. I am a thankful receiver of God’s amazing grace and I thank you all for your devotion and love.


HEART | 4 Apr 2014

I came to the Healing Rooms after increasing breathlessness which was eventually diagnosed as pulmonary emboli and thrombosis in my heart which would eventually be fatal.  It had started from a deep vein thrombosis in my right leg and clots travelled to my heart and lungs.

Thanks to prayer, my respiratory specialist referred me to a wonderful specialist at St. Vincents who said I’d be a good candidate for a pulmonary endartectomy.  A day before my op it was discovered I needed a double by pass as well.  I had the op in February 2012 and now I am almost back to normal. I was told if I didn’t have the bypass I would only have had a maximum of 3 years to live.  God is good!!

Raylene McPherson