Marijuana Addiction


I came here at a very lost broken time. I was struggling emotionally and physically with a marijuana dependency that was destructive and debilitating. I never had strength in myself to overcome this problem, and I came with an open heart ready to give my problems to the Lord instead, and trusted in Him to deliver me through prayer and intercession.

Long story short, the change was instant and undeniable. My desire for escape through my drug of choice was instantly lifted and the burden was gone, instantly.

It was a powerful display of the Holy Spirit working in my life and I have shared this story with friends and family many times.

2 years later I was still drug free and although I had relapsed at one point, in times since I am back for more prayer to regain strength and faith and I am absolutely expectant of another miracle to take place in my life.

Thank you Jesus for your patience and love that you have abundantly graced me with.

James Louis