As I walked into the Capital Healing Rooms ‘It’s Time’ Conference I looked up and saw many clocks, set at different times all around the walls of the foyer and I was reminded of a prophetic word that was given to me during prayer at the Capital Healing Rooms on 29/07/16.  One of the team saw a vision of many watches ticking at different times and heard the Lord say ‘Just watch Me and see!’. 

The sense that ‘it’s time’ for me has been both personal and corporate, for the Church, the city and the nation. 

Over the course of the conference I was touched by the power and presence of God and I left feeling inspired and free.  Praise God!

Shannon 12/11/18


I recently attended the “It’s Time” Healing Conference. Approximately 5 years ago I was healed of partial deafness when I went to Healing Rooms for prayer.  I was healed and no longer needed hearing aids.  After my journey through cancer and chemotherapy, I was affected again with hearing loss.  My hearing continued to lose capacity.  I began wearing hearing aids again. 

At the ‘It’s Time’ conference, the speaker had a ministry time for deaf ears to be opened.  As I was being ministered to by a healing rooms member I felt my ears burning.  The difference in what I could hear was huge!  I also stood in faith against a generational curse of being 5th generation of a family who was affected by deafness. 

I gave my hearing aids to the speaker and said I wouldn’t need these anymore.  I was told I had great faith!  It is all glory to the Lord!  Jesus my healer!!

Rose Beard 26/11/18


On Friday night at the ‘It’s Time’ Healing conference, there was a call for those who needed healing for shoulder injury.  I stood and received prayer.  I have had a lot of surgeries on my neck and right arm after cancer.  My shoulder, arm and hand have always been cold since then. 

After the 1st prayer my shoulder felt warm.  Then I received a 2nd prayer for complete healing.  I felt the warmth go down my arm to my hand.  I felt my muscles vibrating.  My muscles have been very weak since the surgeries.  After the prayer my arm felt stronger!

I didn’t sleep all night.  I praised God all night!  My arm was warm when I got home.  My arm was warm when I got up in the morning.  Praise God.  My arm is still strong.

K.B. 23/11/18


Whilst sitting in the Soaking Room at CHR, my racing thoughts stopped.  I felt relaxed.  I came feeling anxious and had a feeling of churning in my stomach all day.

 As I was being prayed for I had a picture of a toaster with cord and plug detached.  I had a sense of Holy Spirit whilst being prayed for exchanging unhealthy ways for God’s ways.  I felt God saying I needed to forgive myself for not meeting my own high standards!  It is ok!  All lies and attachments removed.  Cross of Christ between me and fear of men.  Declared my mind a fear-free zone.  No more thoughts of ‘what ifs’ or what the other person is thinking.  John 19:30 Jesus said “It is finished”!!

Amanda 19/11/18


I’ve had constant neck locking and pain – C4/5 out due to car accidents.  I attended the “It’s Time” Healing Conference and received prayer.  As I was being prayed for my spine/back started to straighten up, spine crackled and kept straightening right through to the neck.  A big knot in neck was released, movement of neck improved and aches and pains gone!  It’s great to stand up straight PAIN FREE!!

Sylvia 13/11/18


I love Healing Rooms and all that it entails.  I’m always encouraged, enlightened and excited for what God instills in me on my visit to this wonderful place.  The HR teams who impart into my life the things of God are loving, caring, hopeful, patient and many better and wonderful attributes. 

Thank you Healing Rooms for your continuous love and support….my life is more enriched because of the Healing Rooms.

Wayne Kelly 26/10/18


Thank you so much for your prayers for my family.

My husband’s healing of his Achilles was truly miraculous.  The specialist was talking about surgery and the length of time it would take to heal.  At first it seemed we could have gone through the 3-month process of wearing the moon boot then if this didn’t work he would still require surgery.  I must say I was pretty down about it all.

A week and half after asking Healing Rooms team to pray the turnaround in his recovery was miraculous.  He had commenced seeing a physio as well as the specialist.  When he went back to the specialist, he could not believe the improvement in the Achilles.  My heart was lifted as I knew the Lord had done this.

We also found out that Michael had sick pay (we were not aware of this) so the financial situation I feared was alleviated.

Michael is now 95% well, he is living and working and his Achilles is nearly completed healed.  Praise God!

Tina 21/10/18


I came to the Healing Rooms feeling concerned about certain issues only to find at the Healing Rooms the Lord revealed His wonderful love for James (my son) and me and assured me He is my provider.  It’s been hard for both James and I to trust.  It was revealed the Lord’s love for both of us is so overwhelming and the Word was given….”I am the Lord almighty is anything too hard for me”.  Words spoken against us were broken off in Jesus Name and peace restored.

 Rose Beard 13/10/18


I found the Healing Rooms totally by chance, but felt immediately drawn to it.  I’m so glad I have done it.  It was an experience I cannot explain in words.  I felt the love from God and have started a journey with Jesus!

 Thank you to the team for praying and thank you Healing Rooms for linking me to this journey with Jesus.

 Anonymous 26/10/18


I want to thank the people who serve the Lord at the Capital Healing Rooms for their faithfulness and love.

I had injured my knee on a jungle walk and now with a little too much activity I again had a painful knee and associated muscles. This had flared up again - as the physio said it is a fine balance between strengthening and overloading.  I felt the Lord prompting me to go to the Healing Rooms. During the prayer time, I was given Malachi 4:2 - such a promise and another gave me a picture of the muscles unraveling. The warmth of His Presence certainly brought freedom from pain and a new flexibility as they prayed for me.

 As I drove away I felt overwhelmed with thankfulness. Over the next few days there are times when there is brief pain and it is certainly sensitive but I know He will bring complete healing. Each time the pain comes I thank the Lord for His healing and the pain fades.

I know as I leave for Israel that His presence is with me protecting and healing me. Praise the Lord!

Mary 16/10/18


Progressive healing of Achilles tendon

I injured my left Achilles Tendon mid-September from playing too much tennis. I could barely walk after waking one morning two days after a strenuous Monday night competition tennis match. By the Thursday I went to see my doctor who described it as the most inflamed Achilles’ tendon he had ever seen - he has been my G.P. for 30+ years!

On his advice, a week later I had an ultrasound during which a cortisone injection was administered to my inflamed Achilles. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but within 24 hours the pain had lessened by 65%, which was remarkable to me and much appreciated. However, over the following week I continued to experience pain and restriction in my left heel area.

Naturally I was keen to resume my tennis and running regime. One morning, a week after the injection, as I was praying the Holy Spirit dropped into my thoughts the need to go for prayer to the Capital Healing Rooms. Despite having received prayer at church and a conference in Sydney, I went as directed. After the time of prayer I left with the faith to receive healing, encouraged after an anointed time of prayer with the three prayer team members who had graciously prayed for me. Praise the Lord that within 24 hours the remaining 35% of pain had disappeared completely. This has remained the case and I give praise and thanks for the Lord Jesus placing His healing hand on my Achilles tendon in response to going to the Healing Rooms for prayer.

I have resumed running and playing tennis without restriction or pain. It is as if nothing had happened. Doctors can be helpful and in this instance, so too the touch of God!

Peter Thompson



I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer last Tuesday.  I had an ongoing problem with my neck and spine due to degeneration.  I had experienced pain in my neck over many years.  After receiving healing prayer on Tuesday (and it’s now Saturday) I have had NO PAIN!!  To God be all the praise and glory – amen!

L.H. 6/10/18