Capital Healing Rooms supports and partners with Cambodian Care Donations over $2 are tax deductible (for Australian residents). 

CAMBODIAN CARE's community education schools provide a quality education using the Cambodian Government's curriculum to support the poorest children who are living alongside the train track slum areas in the heart of Phnom Penh, and other poor villages. Cambodian Care's research shows that 60% of children in these areas are not going to school while the other 40% are attending school and achieving very low grades. As a result many of these children are well 'behind' where they should be for their given age in terms of their education.

Capital Healing Rooms supports Cambodian Care with finance and other resources to assist this vital work in educating the children of Cambodia.

Each year we take a team of people to Cambodia for 2 weeks to heal the sick, preach the Gospel, distribute school supplies, vitamins and anti parasite medication and encourage our partners in Phnom Penh. We also carry out practical projects during these trips.  It is a life changing experience and you would be most welcome to join us on this Transformation Tour